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G Kutta Se Hd Video Song 720p Hd

G Kutta Se hd video song 720p hd

G Kutta Se is a 2017 Hindi film directed by Rahul Dahiya and produced by Vinod Sharma. The film is a gritty portrayal of the patriarchal and misogynistic society of Haryana, where women are oppressed and exploited by men. The film features four stories of different women who face violence, abuse, and humiliation in their lives.


The film has a soundtrack composed by Anjo John, who also did the background score. The songs are sung by various artists such as Akshay Gupta, Suraj Jagan, Prithvi Raj Singhdev, and others. The lyrics are written by Rahul Dahiya, Shellee, and Sumit Arora.

One of the songs from the film is titled "G Kutta Se", which is also the name of the film. The song is sung by Akshay Gupta and Suraj Jagan, and written by Rahul Dahiya. The song is a rap song that expresses the anger and frustration of the male characters in the film, who feel entitled to dominate and control women. The song has a catchy beat and a fast-paced rhythm, but also has a dark and violent tone.

The video of the song is available on YouTube in high definition quality. The video shows various scenes from the film, where the male characters harass, assault, and kill women. The video also shows some glimpses of the female characters, who try to resist and fight back against their oppressors. The video is edited in a way that matches the tempo and mood of the song.

The video of the song can be watched online on YouTube or SoundCloud. The video has received positive reviews from the viewers, who praised the performance of the actors, the direction of the film, and the message of the song. The video has also generated some controversy, as some people found it too graphic and disturbing.

G Kutta Se is a powerful and realistic film that exposes the harsh realities of gender-based violence in India. The film has won several awards and accolades at various national and international film festivals. The film is available on various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar.


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