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Greyson Turner
Greyson Turner

Download Final Girl 2015 Sub Indo: A Thrilling Revenge Movie

A psychological thriller about a beautiful teen girl new to town who is lured out to the woods by a group of senior boys to be the victim in their final initiation. Taught by her trainer, William, to be a lethal weapon, she turns the hunters into the hunted with a level of perversity far beyond anything they could have ever imagined.Tyler Shields14 Aug 2015 (Canada, USA)tt2124787

download final girl 2015 sub indo

A cute, shy, young girl is new to town, and looks to be the perfect, easily-duped target for a group of boys who want to use her as the final test in their murder game. Little do they know, she is skilled in areas they cannot imagine, and has a test of her own she decides to pursue.


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